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Family Band’s Cold Songs Video EP + “Cold Song” and “The Deal” MP3

November 30, 2010

If a potentially growing family lives in the woods and makes forceful shadow country songs that sound like the forsaken cavity space in your body where you send things you can't bear to think or sing beautifully about, does anyone hear them? Wife and Husband Kim and Jonny make grisly, verge of bloody folk tunes as Family Band in an upstate New York cabin. They're newest communique from that territory is audiovisual, a new five song EP which you can watch first and download later. Each video got its own set of directing eyes, filmmakers including Tim Barber, Corey Adams, Luke Meyer, Martin Hyer. Appropriately, almost all of the clips feature some fallen leaves. Our favorite is the one Hyer co-produced with William Mebane for "The Deal" that captures the shifty light you see your own possessions in when it is way late at night or too early the next morning in shades of shag carpet, microwave, and dinner napkin. Honorable mention to Kim and Jonny, whose wet and hairy black and white vision is creepy as shit. You can watch all the nowherseville movies here, and download the EP, which costs five American dollars or just one bone per song, over at bandcamp. Right here we've got 20% of it for free, including the drum punched final edit of a demo we posted in October. For awhile we were watching the video for "Cold Song" and doubling it up by playing it in iTunes at the same time. It was awesome, like a million alien bird songs tethering a lost hiker, a hard snare reminding him or her that gravity exists and home is worth finding.

Download: Family Band "Cold Song"

Download: Family Band "The Deal"

Family Band’s Cold Songs Video EP + “Cold Song” and “The Deal” MP3