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Stream: Keren Ann, “My Name is Trouble”

December 01, 2010

This song is really good! Is it bad that that is surprising? Keren Ann dual French trumpeter/singer has always maintained a consistent quality, but that quality has been more NPR than FADER. Not that NPR isn't into jams! But she's been more All Things Considered interlude than potential opener for Bone Thugs at SXSW. But "My Name is Trouble," the first single from her album 101, due late February, is sick. That clavichord or whatever is so sick. This song is locked deep in a good groove, music for sparklers and/or making out. Here's hoping Diane Rehm wants to french while listening to it.

Stream: Keren Ann, "My Name is Trouble"

Posted: December 01, 2010
Stream: Keren Ann, “My Name is Trouble”