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Shopped and Scrooged #5: Manicure by Maki at Valley

December 03, 2010

Join us as we count down to Winter Gift Day (December 25) with our picks for the best presents to bestow on friends and family and that dude you have to buy something for in the office.

What it is. Manicure at Valley in New York City.

What is it? First, a basic top shelf manicure: hydrating and exfoliating scrub with jojoba and almond oils, followed by nail shaping and buffing, cuticle treatment, and a hand massage. Second, a collaborative miniature painting and/or sculpture. Maki is known for her creativity, vision and mastery of 3D Acrylic and free-hand design.

Who do you give it to? Only yourself! Your hairdresser/colorist maybe.

Where to get it. Valley on Elizabeth street downtown.

Shopped and Scrooged #5: Manicure by Maki at Valley