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Tropics’ December Mix MP3

December 03, 2010

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, waking up is hard to do. There are two metaphors for this new Tropics mix for Planet Mu and that’s the first one. It works best when Tropics leans on the filters, that glittered-out dub-something sound like Saturday sun in your eyes and your ass is still in bed. Sleepy sexy though: it's still morning but it’s the good kind. The second tangent’s Katy Perry. There’s not a music video for this mix and that’s because there already is one and it’s called “Teenage Dream." Six months later and the YouTube link is still in our Bookmarks Bar. Look, pick any point in this mix, play Katy’s vid with the sound off and we swear on the Grammys it will be perfect. Don’t trust us, try it yourself! The mix is below, with a full tracklist (Subeena, Actress, Oneohtrix Point Never) and an easy K.P. embed after the jump.

Download: Tropics' December Mix

1. Tropics - Melorr (Reprise)
2. Kenton Slash Demon - Matter
3. Taragana Pyjarama - Girls
4. Caribou - Sun (Midland Re-edit)
5. Greymatter - Only To Fall
6. Tropics - Untitled
7. Fur - Clears Throat
8. Lone - Once In A While (Midland Mix)
9. Dirty Doering - I Would (Original Mix)
10. Tropics - Alike For Colour
11. Four Tet - Ribbons
12. Subeena - Neurotic (Greymatter Remix)
13. Actress - Hubble
14. Four Tet - Nothing To See
15. Memoryhouse - Nightswimming
16. Tropics - Holding You
17. Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (Oneohtrix Point Never White Knights Remix)
18. Balmorhea/Botany - Candor (Botany Remix)

Tropics’ December Mix MP3