The FADER Goes to Art Basel, Part II

December 04, 2010

(Italian artist Christian Balzano, working on FIAT installation, Exhibitalia. Photo: Marissa Kaiser)

Italians really do do it better. Not only do they know their fine linens and silks, but they know their women, seeing each female designed as a work of art. We report on the activities of yesterday's Art Basel 2010 Miami, in a similar vein, with references we noticed to women, neon lights, and even a little escapism (with the special one day art installation located on a little island reachable only by ferry).

Meanwhile, back in the lab, FIAT's Exhibitalia keeps brewing with creativity, with artists Jessy Nite, Gustavo Oviedo, and Italian artist Christian Balzano all heavy at work designing their FIAT installation-on-a-car pieces. Stay tuned for videos on these three artists to be featured sometime next week here on Cool guests strolled in and out most of the day to witness the retrospective of Italian photography, paintings and sculpture while snagging an espresso at the FIAT counter, and later the finest in fresh prosciutto hand-sliced by an Italian butcher on site (probably the most sumptuous prosciutto we've ever tasted). We repeat, Italians do it better.

(Italians Turn Their Heads, Mario De Biassi, 1954, at Exhibitalia. Photo: Jauretsi)

(Pharrell and CEO FIAT North America, Laura Soave. Photo: Marissa Kaiser)

(FADER publisher Andy Cohn explains how magazines on the dashboard actually make cars go faster. Photo: Jauretsi)

Back out in greater Art Basel, the big collection to behold this week is one of Miami's (and America's) biggest art collecting families. The Rubell's own one of the most impressive collections of contemporary art on the planet and are regarded as one of the main forces behind putting Miami on the map in terms of art history. Artists at this presentation include Andreas Gursky, 
Peter Halley, 
Jeff Koons, Marilyn Minter, Cindy Sherman, Marlene McCarty, Bruce Nauman, Richard Prince, Mike Kelley, Marlene McCarty, José Maria Sicilia and tons more that make your jaw drop as you enter the family building.

(Rubell Gallery, from the How Soon is Now Exhibit. Photo: Jauretsi)

Their exhibit this week, How Soon is Now, is a compilation of Jason Rubell's collection of purchased arts (Jason is the son of Mera and Don Rubell). Jason's sister, Jennifer Rubell, has blossomed into a brilliant artist in her own right, orchestrating one of her iconic "Breakfast Projects" that are part art installation, part narrative, and part functional food that each guest is encouraged to consume.

More love of women could not have been better exemplified than in Ryan McGinness' big show that premiered last night at (we're not kidding) Madonna's Strip Club on Washington Avenue. Ryan debuted his first paintings of a new body of work entitled Women: The Blacklight Paintings. Ryan has been enraptured with the technique of blacklight paintings and has been perfecting this craft for a little while now. The party was held last night to a bevy of hip New Yorkers who posted up at the local strip joint with walls were covered entirely in Ryan's work—a truly mash-up experience of high to low. A tip off: the limited-edition black velvet posters with neon girly graphics from this show will be sold on the Iconoclast site, so get 'em before they vanish.

(Ryan McGinness Exhibit at The Madonna Strip Club. Photo: Jauretsi)

The day only got more surreal with an adventure called The Island, presented by LAND and OHWOW at the Flagler Memorial Island for Art Basel Miami 2010. The Island was a one-night, site-specific exhibition, which took place from 4-8PM. Guests could only arrive via a cute little ferry delivering passengers to the avant-garde Gilligan's Island. Organized by Aaron Bondaroff, Shamim Momin and Al Moran, the participating artists included Bozidar Brazda, Stefan Bruggemann, Scott Campbell, Brody Condon, Naomi Fisher, Michael Genovese, Luis Gispert, Adler Guerrier, Terence Koh, Kate Levant & Michael E. Smith, Hanna Liden, Justin Lowe, Kori Newkirk, Jack Pierson, Marina Rosenfeld, and Rona Yefman. Most stunning moment of the day though? Beholding a dreamy sunset on a glistening Miami bay with a fresh cocktail in hand.

(The Island. Photo: Aska)

(The Island. Photo: Aska)

(Art Basel Fair: Terrariums entitled Sex, Doug Aitken, Regen projects. Photo: Sunny Shokrae)

To cap off the evening, if you didn't manage to see all your New York edgy friends at any one of the gobs of earlier events, the final event to toast off the night was V Magazine's bash held at the W Hotel. Founders Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos held court while striking personalities like Tilda Swinton strolled in for a nightcap.

(V Magazine Event. Photo: Sunny Shokrae)

We managed to dip through Rokbar into the wee hours just to be reminded that this city unapologetically does not sleep. The music was pumping deep into 4AM, and we managed to run across Andrew Kuo, who is attending Art Basel this year to premiere his new book What Me Worry, his first official publishing feat encapsulating all his work to date. We're certain Andrew will live a long and fruitful life as an artist, so this is just his first collection of graphics which we predict are the seeds of greatness.

(Andrew Kuo for his book, What Me Worry. Photo: Jauretsi)

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow on FIAT and FADER's commissioned artists currently toiling away at the Exhibitalia space constructing visual interpretations out of auto parts. Weekend madness, here we come! Time for another espresso.

(Exhibitalia artists. Jessy Nite & Gustavo Oviedo. Photo: Marissa Kaiser)

Posted: December 04, 2010
The FADER Goes to Art Basel, Part II