Shopped and Scrooged #7: Andrew Kuo’s Book (!) What Me Worry?

December 07, 2010

What it is. Fancy book of graphs, charts and other art by Andrew Kuo with an intro by New Yorker writer Kelefa Sanneh.

What is it? Andrew Kuo is all of these things: FADER contributor, nicest guy in all of New York, DJ, band member, New York Times art-grapher extraordinaire, great artist, and featured in a book we once found at the Seattle Art Museum gift shop and impressed our dad by being all casual like, Oh I know that dude. We've seen his work on pieces of paper, in physical sculpture form, on the internet and other places we'd list if we weren't getting tired of listing stuff. Now a book exists that collects and expands upon the art stuff we listed above. See Kuo chart how good/bad/dubious/disappointing a band or record is for pages and pages. More fun than reading actual reviews and also way better looking.

Who do you give it to? Us! No JK dogs (although we are for sure gonna carve out a space on the shelf for it). Give it to your music and/or art loving best friend. Or, honestly, anyone who owns a coffee table.

Where to get it. Pretty much just at The Standard.

Shopped and Scrooged #7: Andrew Kuo’s Book (!) What Me Worry?