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Our Dreams Finally Manifested in Garfield x The Hundreds Pop Up Shop

December 08, 2010

We have made no secret of our love for Garfield over the years, homaging him in our limited edition "Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Dame Dash" blog post series, using an image of Cyclops Garfield as our online avatar and hanging a Garfield Beany Baby in the windowsill as a good luck talisman. And our enduring hatred for Mondays is not a coincidence either. Mondays are probably alright, but Godfield told us otherwise.

So it is with great sadness that we will not be able to attend the opening of The Hundreds x Garfield pop up shop in Santa Monica, California tomorrow, December 9th, where we would have spent a lot of money and probably embarrassed ourselves in front of Garfield creator and greatest living artist, Jim Davis, as we stood in front of him awaiting his autograph on a billion different pieces of paraphernalia and maybe our bodies to be tattooed over later on Sunset. However, we will be purchasing all items at The Hundreds x Garfield online store and taking them to Davis' home for a private signing session, so see you there, Jim! Everyone else should go to the opening party tomorrow from 8-10PM and eat the proverbial lasagna of life. The collection features Garfield-inspired works from artists such as Barry McGee, Usugrow, Mark Dean Veca, Nate Frizzell, Tofer Chin, Dave Kinsey, Phil Lumbang, Claw Money, Cobra Snake and many more. The flyer is after the jump. The legend lives forever.

Posted: December 08, 2010
Our Dreams Finally Manifested in Garfield x The Hundreds Pop Up Shop