Premiere: TNT, “Running (DJ Ayres Remix)” MP3

December 08, 2010

Been awhile since we heard our girls Timberlee, Natalie Storm and Tifa go full pow wow on a TNT project together. But their fans at The Rub helped throw together an EP of two new firestorm songs and some remixes. Running is a song about a vampire swamp night where your own vanity is constantly threatening your existence but outplayed by your saving irrepressible dancing muscles. When the frenetic pleather zippper thumps cease on the Ayres remix, the ladies devour the expansive hook, giving the rich-earth of a Shannon Funchess squall but with speed and hot sweat pumped in. SPIN TEACHERS get onto this! You can get the Hot Gyal EP now from iTunes. In the meantime, Natalie Storm is treating herself to our city's finest foods:

The protein will lay a good foundation to crown a week of NY parties on, she'll be at Flashing Lights this Friday in Brooklyn with Ayres, Catchdubs and Jubilee. Flier after the jump!

Download: TNT, "Running (DJ Ayres Remix)"

Download: TNT, "Running"

Premiere: TNT, “Running (DJ Ayres Remix)” MP3