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SL Jones, “Hit A Lick” MP3

December 17, 2010

What does it mean to hit a lick? Seems like Jonesy is happy to show off, have new clothes and heavy pockets, but that the joy and winning in his voice comes from his pleasure in speaking a language that other people already know and use, sitting easy in a sweet spot where people are getting along. There's a lot of legitimate ways to call one song better than another. Last week on the internet, Killer Mike's lanky foil SL Jones told y'all that:

Reading year-end lists can be confusing, stressful. Who is this dude who feels the world needs to know how much he loved Blur's fire 2010 shit but also nothing more than"Whip My Hair?" Making them is worse, if you don't like to rank and file your bliss. In spite, this week we picked some wrap-up songs to play on our last radio program of this good year. We got bad-tummied about it for a second then used the approach our dad taught us in second grade while we were tearing apart our closet, trying to find the essence-of-now-and-future outfit to wear at picture day. He was like, "just wear the shirt you fucking love!" The one you feel good in! Your smile will look the best that way. The songs we'll toast up tonight didn't necessarily challenge and teach us the most, they're just ones we clear-cruise to, the ones that hit us and the good we fell into. Jonesy, see you next year; we ride for you and for your girl(s).

Download: SL Jones, "Hit A Lick"

SL Jones, “Hit A Lick” MP3