Arp’s FADER Mix

December 20, 2010

To construct the music that Alexis Georgopoulos makes as Arp, you've got to have a lot of restraint. Its roots are in new age: synth washes ebbing and pulling, tiny shift changes in overwhelmingly relaxing, yet interesting music create an underlying tension if you want to listen for it. But if you don't, that's cool too. There's plenty to be found on the surface of the textures as well if that's as far as you choose to go—and that's the beauty of this stuff. There are an infinite number of threads to follow and things to notice. Arp is basically the choose your own adventure of music (pretty proud of that one). As often happens when we're trying to wrap our minds around something—in this case, Georgopoulous' updated but still faithful strain of new age—we want to know what kind of stuff is infecting the music. What artists, new and old, are providing inspiration and maybe spiritual guidance or something. To find out, we had Georgopoulos make us a massive, sprawling, two part mix of stuff he's been into. The tracklist is after the jump, but expect James Blake, CFCF, Robert Wyatt and more. Perfect jams to get lost in while you drink your weight in eggnog for the next couple weeks.

Download: Arp Come Closer Part 1

Download: Arp Come CloserPart 2

Psychic TV – Godstar (Calfornia Mix)
Moggi – Danza Galattica
NDF – Since We Last Met
Washed Out – Belong
Tensnake – Coma Cat
James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)
Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (Gay Marvin Edit)
Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Broadcast – Drums On Fire
The Telescopes – 16T#3
Anna Domino – Everyday I Don't
Superpitcher – Friday Night
Octex – Emergon

The Radio Dept. – Heaven's On Fire
Eroc – Andromeda
CFCF – Before and After Light
Dorothea Raukes – Auf Engelsflugeln
Mathematiques Modernes – Jungle Hurt
Bernard Fevre – Molecule Dance
Nuno Canavarro – [Untitled]
Jonas Bering – Missing
The Durutti Column – Stuki
John Martyn – Go Easy
Dominik Von Senger – Late Night Blues
Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free

Arp’s FADER Mix