Shopped and Scrooged #17: Cat Cookie Sculpture

December 21, 2010

What it is. Cat Cookie Sculpture.

What is it? A conglomerate of Trader Joe's signature Cat Cookies carefully molded and iced into the shape of a cat face with gumdrop whiskers. But don't let our feline-inspired work of art box you in! The Cat Cookie Sculpture can be anything you put your creative little mind to. Just beware the dangers of eating too many of your own "art supplies" (especially if they are herbally-enhanced)—we realized in the process that we had basically recreated Dunkaroos™. Also there used to be a nose, but we ate that too.

Who do you give it to? Cathy (the comic strip), T. Cole Rachel, that cute cashier at TJ's (you know who you are), other sculptors and high-minded artistes, Best Coast, your weed dealer, Jean Teasdale, pervert cat.

Where to get it.Trader Joe's. Specifically the one that opened this Fall on 6th Avenue and 21st Street, where we now venture daily for free party-sized meatballs and coffee.

Posted: December 21, 2010
Shopped and Scrooged #17: Cat Cookie Sculpture