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Premiere: Mustang, “Dick Reverse (Canblaster & Sam Tiba Remix)” MP3

December 22, 2010

First of all, do an image search of "dick reverse." Enjoy that NSFWness for a moment. Happy holidays. Now try to forget what you've just seen and listen to the track of the same name by Belgian club purveyors/producers Mustang. Much better. Then take the new co-remix by French club purveyors/producers Canblaster and Sam Tiba as our personal apology for the dick pics. Canblaster you may remember from his excellent house remix of FADER cover man Spoek Mathambo's "Mshini Wam," or his appearance on Sinden's contribution to our award-winning Pitch Perfect series, or his own Jetpack EP that came out in late summer. He and Tiba are no less excellent here, turning Mustang's mellow, mid-tempo original into a woozier, steamier affair that we can only imagine will get absurdly attractive Parisians rubbing all over each other late night. Let's all imagine that instead of the dick reverse stuff then, shall we?

Mustang, "Dick Reverse"

Download: Mustang, "Dick Reverse (Canblaster & Sam Tiba Remix)"

Premiere: Mustang, “Dick Reverse (Canblaster & Sam Tiba Remix)” MP3