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TGIF Trash Talk: Back on Biggie’s Case

January 07, 2011

** 13 years after his death, the LAPD, L.A. County District Attorney's Office and the FBI have re-animated the investigation of the murder of Christopher Wallace in California. More on what happened to Kanye, Nicki and Charles Hamilton this week, after the jump.

** On New Years Eve, Nicki Minaj didn't show up to her all-pink party at Mansion in Miami til 12:06, but the DJ wound the clock back and no one realized what they'd missed. Wearing the same great wig as she had on that night, this week Nicki sat down with fellow piece-of-work Joan Rivers. The episode of Fashion Police they taped will air tonight on E!

** F59 Cover star Charles Hamilton is in a Cleveland Country Jail facing federal assault charges. In court this week, he was referred to a psychiatric facility that was asked to determine if he is sane and competent enough to stand trial.

** A photographer named Michael Vazquez sued Kanye because he's upset that Mr. West and some of his "servants" beat him up at a party underneath the Queensboro Bride in 2008.

TGIF Trash Talk: Back on Biggie’s Case