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Lunice, “Freaky” MP3

January 19, 2011

Uncountable: that’s the number of times we’ve watched Lunice’s introductory cooking video filmed at Osheaga this summer. He completely pauses DJing for a Lil B public service announcement: “Oh shit! I’m flipping burgers! Gotta cook it on the other side! Aagh!” He starts playing “All I Know,” puts on sunglasses and leaves the stage entirely to prepare soup in the crowd, forever immortalized in our collective memory. "Freaky" is maybe the instrumental version of that? There are words but they’re unintelligible, all we can make sense of are the space sounds and mondo-slaps.

This time he’s leaving the dance up to you: send your vids to @Lunice. The party animal presses on.

Download: Lunice, "Freaky"

Lunice, “Freaky” MP3