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Video Premiere: Epstein, “Snail Strut” + “Jellyfish” MP3

January 21, 2011

Hang on, actually. What is this video? “Starring The Birthing 8th Note as Young Chang, Catfish as Rooster, Arp Odyssey as Thank You Burger.” The moment we thought we had the rollerskating non-credit sequence figured out, everything went batcave atmospheric, closing with a solid minute of field recording possibly ripped on a dock. Epstein is the weather-balloon-centric sound artist Roberto Carlos Lange aka Helado Negro, the sound-collaging, afro'd Prefuse 73 and School of Seven Bells contributor. These are the facts, you can reproduce them on the internet. “Champagne as Friend Help 2, Big Buddy as Little Buddy,” however… Honestly, Google these phrases, they’ve never been used before. This is a level of nonsensical tripping we haven't seen since we discovered mom's shoe box of our poems from fifth grade. Sealess See is coming out next week on Asthmatic Kitty, bonus MP3 below.

Download: Epstein, "Jellyfish"

Posted: January 21, 2011
Video Premiere: Epstein, “Snail Strut” + “Jellyfish” MP3