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Lil B’s (T)hug “Motivation”

January 28, 2011

We woke up today, thought lord, whoever, fuck you for this weather, dragged our thinking-fingers around our phone screen for a while, saw the twitter messages Lil B sent us with these two videos he made for Angels Exodus. Just kidding! People are walking in the streets because they cant jaywalk through the big snow piles and deep, dirty ice puddles lining the sidewalks, but were still like thank you, praises to whoever and so happy to eat cereal for breakfast. The sample on "The Growth" is The O Jay's "What Am I Waiting For", Jay-Z used it once on "You Must Love Me." B says hey to Jay at the end of the song, Bobby Digital and Raekwon too. In "Motivation" he's wearing a sheath of puff paint love, 1:12 is where he reminds y'all he was on our cover. We wish we had his "Anything" hat so we could tell the world without speaking what we're more-ready to love since Lil B's entered our lives. Songs are right here, videos after the jump!

Download: Lil B, "Motivation"

Download: Lil B, "The Growth"

Lil B’s (T)hug “Motivation”