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Das Racist’s Check Yo Ponytail Mix MP3

January 31, 2011

The three working men of Das Racist have been all over the place this winter; Puerto Rico, Sundance and the esteemed Carleton College in the last month or so from the tweets we can remember. Tomorrow while our coast slushies another day of winter mix, they'll be breezing in Los Angeles for Check Yo Ponytail 2, a revived dance rager now held monthly at the Echoplex. The mix they made to hype the party may be similar to the rock-puro iPods they pack for these LaGuardia to wherever journeys, with some found sounds and drops (DJ Khaleds and their own) slipped in. It's piecey, you may want to jump to where Danny Brown enters at the gut-middle and leads a run of robust comfort jams like Masta Ace's "Brooklyn Masala." If you've been gone too long from where you'd like to be, skip all the way into the bosom of Mac Dre's "Thizzle Mountain." That's peppered with pan flutes before becoming Beenie Man's "I'm Okay/Drinking Rum and Redbull," a medicinal you can chase with Flocka's "Fuck This Industry" if you drag the cursor back to the start. Full track facts and party info (FADER babe Yelawolf will be there) for California peoples below the jump. If you can't wait to get Monday-morning hard full right now, click play on the pop can of Beenie Man that's hugged under the download link.

Download: Das Racist's Check Yo Ponytail Mix

Cam’ron: Fuck You
Waka Flocka Flame: Fuck This Industry
Ata Kak: Moma Yendo
Underworld: Born Slippy Remix
Spazz (Feat. Kool Keith): Camp Chestnut
Souja Boy & Lil B: That Boy Can Fly (Gucci Wings)
The Shaggs: I’m So Happy When You’re Near
Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights (Kanye West Remix)
Danny Brown: Re-up
Rotary Connection: Respect
E-40: Dusted N Disgusted (Lite Skrew “Remix”)
Masta Ace: Brooklyn Masala
Camu Tao: Dirty Hearted
Mac Dre: Thizzle Mountain
Beenie Man: Rum and Redbull
Big Punisher: 100%
Young L: Hot Thang
Bonus Track

Das Racist’s Check Yo Ponytail Mix MP3