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Thank Goodness Mr. Collipark and The Ying Yang Twins are Back in Balance

February 01, 2011

Mr. Collipark might be the shake-something mega producer we hold closest to our jiggled hearts. In the last decade he produced a vast spectrum of intimate club muzik, allowing us The Muzicians' "Camera Phone", Bubba Sparxxx's "Ms. New Booty", and Jeezy's "Trap Star." All these just gifts came on the side of his cream-work with The Ying Yang Twins. Together, the three men twurked psyche's from the club outwards with "The Whisper Song" and United States of Atlanta. In 2006 they had a bad public breakup. Collipark was sidelined to just half of Chemically Inbalanced, all parties talked about the need to move on, work more intensely on their own projects and new ideas. After the split Collipark found solace in Soulja Boy, pioneering the ring tone market and making off with a lot of cash.
Around New Year's he happily reported that he'd, "spent the first day of 2010 doing what I love to do most, recording a jamming ass song with my lil brothers." A lot has happened in their absence; there are less pop-raps, pop-raps became way-Euro, melody heavy. Still, people need a means to get wild joyous together: This is why Pitbull is played a weddings, why "Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk)" is the song that won the Superbowl with the New Orleans Saints last year. So bless y'all, boys, for reigning it back in your huddle. Hear the first two new Collipark/Ying Yang projects below, and dive back into Colli's crunk canon (Ciara,

Download: Yin Yang Twins, "Boomerang"

Download: Ying Yang Twins f. Mr. Collipark, "Da Bubble Butt"

Thank Goodness Mr. Collipark and The Ying Yang Twins are Back in Balance