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Sunship’s Old School Garage Mix for Merk Chicken

February 04, 2011

We’re only marginally promoting the “come ‘accidentally’ cop a feel of someone's junk” aspect of the North London old school garage party Merk Chicken and Chirps, who’ve enlisted the legendary Sunship to DJ this ten minute vaguely-Valentine’s Day minimix commemorating their next event, “A Celebration of Short-Term Relationships.” Our morning was going to shit—our shower's broke, the pear's not ripe in our Green Power smoothie—but the sun is steadily rising to the prospect of unabashed skanking to the Artful Dodger and a one-quid ticket discount for wearing Reebok Classics.

Stream: Sunship's Old School Garge Mix for Merk Chicken

Posted: February 04, 2011
Sunship’s Old School Garage Mix for Merk Chicken