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New York Fashion Week: Carlos Campos

By Eda Lam
Photographer Eda Lam
February 14, 2011

Carlos Campos took us back in time with his latest menswear collection at Exit Art over the weekend. The Oliver Twist newspaper boy showcase triggered a nostalgic feel with vintage bikes and cigars. An earth tone palette and rustic colors were perfectly autumn inspired. Campos displayed wool suits in different colors and patterns, long jackets, pleated pants with braided belts and button-ups that were ready to wear for the everyday. Jackets were structured but not too tight or constricting, the bowties and suspenders added some humor and cognac lace-up shoes and oxfords tied everything together, making each piece effortlessly cohesive. Check out more images after the jump.

Posted: February 14, 2011
New York Fashion Week: Carlos Campos