Brenmar, “Paper Running” MP3

February 23, 2011

New York's favorite DJ, Brenmar, is headed east this weekend for his first shows in London (those dates after the jump) and as an early treat he released the new, slightly darker, Whirling Dervish-y track "Paper Running." It might be goth snap music. Get this dude in a studio with Nivea, get her some downers, get us in a dark room.

Download: Brenmar, "Paper Running"

2/24/11 So Bones @ The Nest (London)

2/25/11 Fuck The White Board @ The Roundhouse (London)

2/25/11 Bump! @ Plan B (London)

2/26/11 Bang Bang @ Bar 512 (London)

Brenmar, “Paper Running” MP3