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Perfect Loosers Present Akwaaba Remixed MP3

February 23, 2011

Benjamin Lebrave, founder of the Ghanian label, Akwaaba, teamed up with Paris-based Perfect Loosers to remix some of Akwaaba's original musicians like Ahmed Fofana, Baba Salah, and Onyenze. It was a true meeting the minds with Perfect Loosers members Oualid, Gauthier, and Paul having deep roots with African and Caribbean music. The concept was to pair original artists with various producers and artists from around the world, like Chief Boima, Dance Kill Move, and Diamond Bass, to create solid remixes that avoid all the lame trappings of the fetishized dance hall remix. Basically, Perfect Loosers' Akwaaba Remix is what happens when people stop being trite, and start making real world music.

Stream: Perfect Loosers Present Akwaaba Remixed

Posted: February 23, 2011
Perfect Loosers Present Akwaaba Remixed MP3