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Thrintage: Goodwill Chelsea

February 23, 2011

FADER contributers cross boroughs, counties and states to find fine thrifted and vintage pieces on the cheap for our column, Thrintage. This week Lizzy Shramko hit up the stylish Chelsea neighborhood in NYC to check out it's local Goodwill. Read her thoughts and peep the steals after the jump

Known for avant garde artists and savvy FIT students, the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan has a legacy of performance art and high fashion to live up to. Goodwill, the never-fail place to get cheap boots, old fur and dope silk shirts, has its own fashionable legacy for thrifters across the country. But the local fashionistas don't come out in hoards at Chelsea's Goodwill. You can shop in peace alongside older New Yorkers with a (slightly) more mild temperament. Most of the duds are relatively new—but they still maintain the quirkiness that Goodwill is known for. It's priced higher than Goodwills in surrounding boroughs so don't plan on scoring piles of clothes for bulk prices. Instead wait for a fabulous pair of Prada pumps, or a classic Fendi tie to make your trip worthwhile.

These hats could rival the eccentric headgear that my grandmother wore to church on a weekly basis. The pink one on the left is felt while all the others are straw, so no matter what time of the year they can satiate your hunger to out-crown your elders.

Sweaters are one of my Goodwill staples. The bold colors and modern patterns on these two will outlast the winter thaw and make perfect cover-ups for warmer beach days.

These houndstooth jackets and sweater remind me of the old men I'd see on the metro when I lived in Budapest. I never knew where they were off too, but I loved to see them in transit and they blew me away with their dapper suits, briefcases and shoes.

Shift dresses are one of those classic pieces that can make you feel like your favorite French heroine from the '60s. And if you're less interested in France Gall or Anna Karina, you can always aspire to be Alexa Chung.

And in the French spirit, this short sleeved Fendi striped polo is one of those gems in the rough that you have to scour the store for. It's not just the label that makes it worth the wait, but the classic feel of blue and red stripes.

Pink Felt Hat: $19.99
Assorted Straw Hats: $12.99
Pink and Black Sweater Dress: $24.99
Turquoise, Black and Green Striped Sweater: $14.99
Houndstooth Jacket: $29.99
Houndstooth Sweater: $19.99
Brooks Brothers Houndstooth Jacket: $29.99
Black and White Shift Dress: $24.99
Yellow Shift Dress: $19.99
Black Shift Dress: $24.99
Fendi Striped Shirt: $19.99

Posted: February 23, 2011
Thrintage: Goodwill Chelsea