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Young Dro, “Polo Down” MP3

Photographer Lisa Wiltse
February 23, 2011

Young Dro loves Polo so, so, sooo much, and we have nothing but respect for his probably-unsponsored dedication to personal branding, but there’s something super fishy about his latest, “Polo Down.” That little flute flourish, the mechanical AutoTune chorus chant… deep in our download-folder subconscious we feel like we’ve heard this one before. This isn’t to disparage (or incite) an already-embattled Dro, who rips through the song’s second minute, but more of an inquiry. Because this is all we can find—a three-year-old reference to the song—and it’s got us feeling curious:


Those are the lyrics to Dro's hook, courtesy of a winking Chance W, posted in 2008. His YouTube link was taken down (foul play!?), so if it's out there, we'd love to hear this Polow / Young Scott version. But we're not mad either way: new Dro to us is new Dro.

Download: Young Dro, "Polo Down"

Young Dro, “Polo Down” MP3