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Killer Mike: You Can Be the Most Vital Part of Black History

February 24, 2011

In a video from 2009, Killer Mike bka Mike Bigga recalls a morning of watching better-cable (the Travel and Food networks) with his then eleven-year-old daughter. They're watching something about Morocco because Mike wants to take her to Africa, but when he asks her what continent Morocco is in she says she doesn't know. It hurts him cause she's got a laptop in her lap but isn't already finding out for herself, even though she's been locked in the net all morning reading about "all the rich kids."

Like OG Paul Robeson, Killer Mike is not only an advocate of paying attention to the history of Black men and women in America, but also a "strong pan-Africanist and Black Nationalist." He reiterated that core-concern in an interview with 3 Little Digs today, but in the two-years vintage video, Mike argues that all that's required to claim peoplehood-in-rap is to charge yourself with the responsibility to "find dope shit." Perhaps the same can be said for those who'd strive to champion Black culture now. Per Mike: "Ask yourself! Why do I not know what's up?" The most vital part of legacy-protection and cultural production still is and always will be you. Thank goodness!

(Via 3 Little Digs)

Killer Mike: You Can Be the Most Vital Part of Black History