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Daily Inspiration: The Past Lives of

March 07, 2011

Today we made a big leap into some kind of new internet. Building our new site was a labor of love, from design to last-ditch debugging codes, and we hope that soon it will start to feel like home to you. Moving forward it's nice to remember where we've been, so we dug deep in the wayback machine and rescued what we could salvage of the ghost-trails we've left in the web. started as a blog in 2005 with a rotating staff of weirdo thinkers, but it was first a decent looking web space in 2000. Check the bottom bar: FADER Radio at Tower Records?! That franchise went bankrupt in this country in 2006, bless their hearts.

Then we started blogging! At the time, the world didn't know exactly what that endeavor was all about. Looks like we interpreted the task as shouting out the OkayPlayer message boards and using the word "brodog."

We upgraded to the two versions of our most recently abandoned site, the first a straight blogroll and the second with separate pages for music, style and more, by fleshing out a pencil drawing on the wall in our office. The picture below is from FADER 51—20 issues later we're still talking about Paper Route Recordz. Glad you can see the images we printed super hi-res in that magazine from your digital station, just a little bit wider now.

Daily Inspiration: The Past Lives of