March 21, 2011

To highlight the clothes currently inhabiting our fantasy wardrobe, we've asked The FADER's extended family of photographers, stylists and models to pull their talents to showcase some of the best wares around. Each Styled by FADER will feature a different brand that's entire seasonal collection is at the top of our most wanted list. This week, stylist Ian Bradley and photographer Michael Hauptman bring us PETROU/MAN.

PETROU/MAN has become much needed on New York's menswear scene, a splash of color and print in a world where preppy gray blazers and classic Breton stripes have dominated, traditional good taste the look of the moment. Greek-born Nicolas Petrou pulls from some of the same old-world inspirations as so many Camelot revivalists, heavy doses of Madras and khaki showed up in his spring collection, but Petrou pledges allegiance to no flags, quilting together influences into some kind of global patchwork, Africa drifting right up next to Martha's Vineyard.

For his spring collection, Petrou embroidered tribal trimmings onto classic blazers, quilted together madras as if it were punk patches, and styled models for his presentation in socks and Tevas. It feels fun and youthful, no stodgy rules about propriety, instead banana leaf pockets on denim shirts and light crinkled suits in a pale blue pattern that seem more beach ready then office bound. PETROU/MAN, then, is the perfect feel for spring. You'll unwrap the heavy wool of functional layers from a long cold winter and find clothes ready for play.

(Model Keith Hernandez at Request Models. All clothes by PETROU/MAN, hat by Kangol, shoes by K-Swiss and VANS.)