Artists Paint Live at the FADER FORT by FIAT

March 23, 2011

Aside from having the luxury of getting new kicks, a new hairdo, and new nails, visitors to the FADER FORT by FIAT also had the inspirational pleasure of seeing art made in real time. Using FIAT parts as their canvases, a bevy of Austin creatives set out to tag to their hearts content, turning this:

Into this:

The result was a visually stunning array of color and style. Will Bryant served as the visual lead for the on-site art program at the FORT and put together a stellar team of artists, illustrators, and designers. As he explains:

The FADER FORT by FIAT was an epic meshing of music, visual art, rich culture, and exciting brands. In addition to seeking out the freshest young talent in Austin, I was also responsible for scheduling and art directing their visions for each piece as well as producing loads of work myself. We were asked to express an emotion that drives us as artists, which I understood to be each artist's personal style and sense of creativity. Speaking on behalf of all the artists, it was quite a unique experience working on new medium while every move was being viewed by the Fader Fort crowds. It was a complete honor and we are all thrilled to have been given the opportunity.

Here's a list of artists who participated:
Chris Bomely
Kevin Munoz
Katy Horan
Shaun Lind
Blake Suarez
Johnny Rad & crew

Artists Paint Live at the FADER FORT by FIAT