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Video: Moon Tides, “Swimming” + MP3

March 24, 2011

One time we made a first-person surfing video but it was pathetic in comparison to this, the debut vid for Colorado's Moon Tides, who seem to think about surfing a lot despite maybe never going. The beautiful little picture-in-picture situation makes sense though, the way life goes on in the background but all you see is fantasy beach in front of you. Listening to "Swimming" is inspiring in a way that's angry and ecstatic, like it's time grab your backpack and fuck a job. The pulse of the waves on your fingertips/ all good things are wild and free/ why cant we be? Their debut cassette comes out shortly on Sweat Lodge Guru, but you can download an MP3 now, which is nice.

Download: Moon Tides, "Swimming" (via nofearofpop)

Posted: March 24, 2011
Video: Moon Tides, “Swimming” + MP3