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Lil B Is All Over MTV + Keyboard Kid’s Instrumental Mixtape MP3

March 25, 2011

A couple days ago, Noz tweeted that our favorite mtvU Woodie Runner-Up To Kanye Lil B the Based God was getting real life MTV air time for "Wonton Soup." Which is crazy. Then last night, when we logged on to MTV.com to catch up on When I Was 17 reruns, whose shining mug was flashing the deuces if not the only and only Mr. Million Myspaces. Lil B is this week's Buzzworthy Blog PUSH Artist Of The Week, so congratulations on that, B! They're asking all the tough questions ("Has this dude figured out a way to record in his sleep or something?"), snagging the exclusive video interviews and reaping the appreciative tweets. Brandon, the world is yours.

In other Based World news, Seattle's Keyboard Kid, Lil B's longtime producer and the man behind "Victory 2010", "Chasing the Rain" and one of our secret favorites "Rolls Royce", has released an instrumental mixtape, a sort of fan's companion to Clams Casino's production tape a few weeks back. Lil B's creative beat selection has always gone under-appreciated, and these are career-defining songs showing their true colors in a #rare, pre-verse habitat.

Download: Keyboard Kid's Based in the Rain Instrumental Mixtape

Lil B Is All Over MTV + Keyboard Kid’s Instrumental Mixtape MP3