Cameron Bird and Gus Franklin’s Sound of Melbourne Mix

Photographer Stefan Duscio
April 08, 2011

For the fourth installment of Daniel Perlin's (DJ n-ron) mixtapes for Domus, he's enlisted Cameron Bird and Gus Franklin of Architecture in Helsinki to create an ephemeral, ambient experience of Melbourne, Australia. Bird and Franklin met at art school in Melbourne in 2000. According to the duo:

The music we have collated for this mix come from a tiny microcosm within Melbourne's vast musical terrain. This is the sound of the city that we live and breathe as made by the people around us. These artists all share a similar musical ideology, an intricacy of touch, a fondness for experimentation and an inherent sense of place.

Download: Cameron Bird and Gus Franklin's Sound of Melbourne Mix
Domus mixtape 4 melbourne architecture in helsinki 1-1 by The FADER

1. Skylight – Haima
2. Did You Cry Yet? – Jeremy Dower
3. Windows 1971 – Letraset
4. Last Cloud – Sam Perry
5. Wannado – HaGus
6. Lighthouse (Live at The Worker's Club) – Ev 'n Shags
7. Havoc Jeweler – Son of Icewoman
8. Stars Align – Qua
9. I Don't Think They're Coming – Donza
10. Mo' Manoeuvres – Slomo Speedboat
11. Speaker Milk – Crumbs
12. Relaxation tape (Excerpt) – The Avalanches
13. Strange Nostalgia For The Future – Cut Copy
14. Fantastic Valleys – Midnight Juggernauts
15. Epithet – The Night Terrors
16. Cosmic Pond – John Lee
17. Chain of Lagoons – Matthew Brown
18. Warm Wind – Hawktale
19. Night Dunes – Ben Browning

Cameron Bird and Gus Franklin’s Sound of Melbourne Mix