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Following Tennessee Arrest, Webbie Returns With Three New Songs

April 12, 2011

A week and a day ago on April 4th, 25-year old Baton Rouge son Webbie was arrested in Marshall Country, Tennessee. Following a Kentucky show, he was apprehended while riding in the front seat of a Nissan Altima with two ounces of weed AND $13,240 in a box in his lap. Cops watched him throw the weed out the window then held him and three other passengers overnight. It's a cold world/it feel like it's snowin'. Better news, now: Webbie is also back round and rapping on three tracks that sound both wisened and ambitious. On "Made N*ggas" he's rushing himself but still perfectly on time, speaking affectionately on top of pan flutes about naming his new daughter after the Miracle (her) life is, how while everyday is harder, you just cant let that shit get to you. Our days are too short, remember as they pass to first be yourself, ideally in a way that doesn't also make you that n*gga on the news that got knocked up out his shoes by them dudes. Webbie says he's been doing his best, waking up early in the morning. Life partner Lil Boosie remains locked up, charged with first degree murder.

Download: Webbie, "Made N*gga" (via Tumblin Erb)

Download: Webbie, "What's Happenin'" (via Tumblin Erb)

Download: Webbie, "Been There" (via Nah Right)

Following Tennessee Arrest, Webbie Returns With Three New Songs