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Video: Lil B, “Charlie Sheen”

April 12, 2011

Sheen, winning, SWAG! You have to wonder if Lil B in some ways relates to Charlie Sheen—the Lunatic Warlock and Based God united under one crazytown meme. And guess what? They are winning. Or at least they're making a go for it. Lil B certainly isn't the first to self-identify with Sheen, but their kinship seems to have a more viral, GIFted* presence. That said, Lil B's brand of "doin dumb shit, I'da never dreamed of" is apparently more in the realm of Club Med vacation (i.e. scuba diving trips) as opposed to Sheen's clubs, meds and incarceration.

*For an added bonus, cue "Charlie Sheen" to this animated GIF for a Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of OZ-type experience.

Posted: April 12, 2011
Video: Lil B, “Charlie Sheen”