Wavves Announces Negative Dad, 12 Issue Comic/Cassette Project

April 21, 2011

Yesterday, Nathan Williams was hanging out on the corner of College and Bland Streets ("Exaaaactly"), trying to get someone to smoke weed with him and missing his riding-partner. He also teased out a twitter-reveal of "something special," a comic called Negative Dad that he wrote with friend Matt Barajas and had illustrated by (holdout livejournal user!) Nicholas Gazin. The boys intend to create at least 12 issues of the collaboration that Gazin likens to, "an extra retarded X-Men." The comics may eventually come with cassettes—Gazin says the audiovisual mutant-delinquent experience of Negative Dad,

"is going to be our gift (although it will cost money) to people who enjoy pot. Put the tape on, put in a beanbag chair in a space small enough to get clambaked and just read the comic and stare at the pictures and chuckle at the pictures while your friend plays Nintendo and eats all your Pirate Booty or something."

Thanks boys! You can buy this who-knows-where and when, but you can buy Pirates Booty all the time! We're gonna eat some today for lunch with maybe some carrots or a Jamba Juice on the side for some vitamins.

(via P4k)

Wavves Announces Negative Dad, 12 Issue Comic/Cassette Project