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Watched Items: Vintage Wooden Necklaces

April 22, 2011

Every week, Amber Bravo chooses one thing to totally obsess over on eBay. This week she explores statement jewelry of the humbler variety—vintage wooden necklaces.

Statement necklaces are tough. If they're too shiny or jewel-like, they're tacky. Which is why I've always been a fan of the Lauren Manoogian-brand of big, bold necklaces. Using humble materials and interesting color combinations can make a statement without seeming overly ostentatious. Lately, I've been obsessing over vintage wooden necklaces because you can find some gems—quirky proportions, shapes and color combinations—for not a lot of cash. I also love that you can temper the bad hippie vibe of wooden beads with a fresh, summertime outfit. Case in point:

The idea of wearing one of these necklaces with a boxy cropped tee and a maxi skirt, loose-fitting pant or just a straight-up t-shirt dress seems like the perfect hot weather flourish. When all you can bear is a necklace and a fine pair of sandals, everything in between should be cool and simple.

Posted: April 22, 2011
Watched Items: Vintage Wooden Necklaces