Who’ll be the Next Raf Simons?

Photographer Ina Jang
May 03, 2011

The annual The Hyères International Festival of Fashion & Photography opened April 29th in France and will run throughout the month of May. In addition to exhibiting photographers and designers that are well regarded in the field (which, this year, will include Raf Simons, Bless and Matthieu Lavanchy and Jonas Marguet, among others), the festival acknowledges ten fledgling talents in each category, who will be competing for the top prize of a year-long funded residency, in front of a formidable jury consisting of Raf Simons, Christopher Kane and Cathy Horyn among others. Here's a sampling of the competition:

Kim Boske

Anouk Kruithof

Andrey Bogush

Léa Peckre

Oda Pausma

Oriane Leclercq

Who’ll be the Next Raf Simons?