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DJ Ice Mike’s Hour Of Gangsta Power Mix

May 05, 2011

Earlier this week Ice Mike, the New Orleans DJ and producer behind such vulgar classics as Bust Down's "Nasty Bitch" and his own "Shitted In Dat Hoe House", blessed Twitter with this throwback radio mix, seemingly recorded around the turn of the century. The Hour Of Gangsta Power not only lives up to its name with a selection of street knowledge heavy cuts, but also offers a glimpse at the history of New Orleans music and mixing. It seamlessly blends old school locals Cheeky Blakk and Magnolia (later Soulja) Slim with pre-bounce national favorites like Dana Dane and Too Short. Fellow NO originator DJ Lowdown is also in the mix. The history lesson is further bolstered by an endless stock of drops from hometown legends of equal stature, including Joe Blakk and Mannie Fresh. (The rip turns a little grimy towards the end of the set, around the time Ice Mike starts adding Eminem and Nelly into the mix, but it's still probably worth pushing through the fuzz.)

Download Ice Mike's Hour Of Gangsta Power Mixtape

Bonus Beat: Check Mike's teenage rap group The Def Boyz performing at a talent show in 1986:

DJ Ice Mike’s Hour Of Gangsta Power Mix