Ma, You Be Killin’ Em: Wilnett Dawodu

May 08, 2011

We have so much to thank our mothers for. In addition to birthing us, feeding us, and bathing us, they've also been our most influential style icons. As a small token of our affection, we're counting down to Mother's Day (this Sunday, heads up!) by celebrating our moms' style, swagger and grace.

What did your mom like to wear? She liked to wear head ties, prints, guinea and her own clothes she designed. I remember my mom wearing jeans once in my life when I was about 5!

What music did she listen to? Sam Cooke.

What would she say? Does she have a fave phrase or saying? Something anecdote-ey. For those who much is given, much is expected.

Ma, You Be Killin’ Em: Wilnett Dawodu