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Forest Swords Re-releases Music, Helps Japan

May 18, 2011

Sometimes bummer jams are where it's at, you know? Forest Swords definitely understands that. Last year's gorgeous, depressing and ultra-heavy Dagger Paths was on constant repeat, even when we were all smiley. Sometimes it just felt like the best possible thing we could do was get bummed while listening to a dude's heavily interpretive cover of Aaliyah's "If Your Girl Only Knew." From there, we devoured every Forest Swords-related product we could get our hands on, including Fjree Feather (is that J silent or what is going on there?), which we briefly got weirdly obsessed with and probably made our roommates concerned about our mental health because we listened to it so often. Up until now, the EP has been one of those things that you could only get on CD as an under-promoted bonus when ordering Dagger Paths or through some inspired Mediafiring. It's now being released on pristine white vinyl, with all proceeds going to Japanese Red Cross. It won't officially be released until June 20th, but you can pre-order here.

Stream: Forest Swords, "Kaibasa Claps"

Stream: Forest Swords, "Trust Your Blood"

Forest Swords Re-releases Music, Helps Japan