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Don Trip, “Finale” MP3

May 20, 2011

Don Trip, the guy who records really good raps in a blue-green closet about his feelings on fatherhood, is making his mark outside outside of the Memphis community of which he is a mainstay (check his excellent verse alongside the inflammatory No Soda on "U Ain't Who U Say U Is" and his spot on Juicy J's recent tape). Apparently signed to some type of Interscope imprint (there's a tiny logo on the Bandcamp artwork), he's just released two new tracks, "Finale" and "I'ma Quit." Trip's got a skunky flow, alternately (and Weezy-ishly), disgusted and amused, always a hair away from a nasty cackle. But he's never deranged, just impressively deadpan about the practical: Now that I'm a father, I ain't stopped thugging/ I just stopped buying bullshit and started buying Huggies.

Download: Don Trip, "Finale"

Stream: Don Trip, "I'ma Quit"

Don Trip, “Finale” MP3