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SL Jones’ The Number 23 Mixtape

May 23, 2011

SL Jones teams with DJ Don Cannon, Waka Flocka, Shawty Redd and Lex Luger on The Number 23, a substantial full-length effort. The tape was recorded in Atlanta, but the title's an allusion to the Little Rock neighborhood (the intersection of 23rd and Wolfe street) where Jones was raised. SL says,

With all my previous work I never felt like I had anything to prove; there wasn’t any pressure, it was just me wanting to exist, wanting to be heard. With The Number 23, though, I have a lot to prove. I’m still learning.

Stream the entire tape without DJ drops here, then download the Don Cannon version, below.

Stream: SL Jones' The Number 23

Download: SL Jones' The Number 23e (via Datpiff)

SL Jones’ The Number 23 Mixtape