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Stream: 3D Straw, “Drank U”

May 25, 2011

Though the Northeastern weather still betrays it on a near daily basis, the calendar still seems to think that summer is getting dangerously close and, thus, the bid for summer jams begins. Though it probably won't have the traction of, say, another faux Rick Ross/Lex Luger banger, 3D Straw's "Drank U" is a welcome early entry into the summer jam runnings. In many ways it sounds like a '90s Atlanta bass jam from yesteryear. But Straw, who wears 3D glasses "as a metaphor for seeing life’s movie in its rawest form," actually hails from North Carolina. Recommended if you like: upbeat Trick Daddy, "My Boo," sunshine.

Stream: 3D Straw, "Drank U"

Posted: May 25, 2011
Stream: 3D Straw, “Drank U”