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Zeroh’s Awfulalterations Mixtape

June 09, 2011

As the artsy young person's choice in social networks, Tumblr is currently brimming with strange young rappers, most of whom seem content to churn out songs and tapes in exchange for little more than a handful of likes and reblogs. Born with the god-given boom of a rapper's rap voice, Los Angeles' Zeroh sits at the far left of this mass. For awfulalterations, his fourth tape this year, he mines his hometown's Beat scene for, well, beats, and claims them in the name of short form elastic wordplay—I am not your brother/ I will not pretend that we are kin to one another, brother/ You are not my friend/ I love a contradiction/ Say it with a conviction/ So convincing you re-listen/ Just to check if you was missing something. It's a welcome return to the Def Jux era of purposeful rap experimentalism and one that is thankfully devoid of the grim pretentiousness that burdened their more immediate successors. Zeroh's own quiet post of the tape was accompanied by just one line of text: I recommend you listen on mute. I recommend you do the opposite.

Download: Zeroh's awfulaterations Mixtape

Posted: June 09, 2011
Zeroh’s Awfulalterations Mixtape