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Stream: Vybz Kartel, “Mi Remember”

Photographer Michael Schmelling
June 20, 2011

This weekend in The New York Times, writer Rob Kenner compared Vybz Kartel to Madonna, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z (they're all savvy entrepreneurs who transform their images to appeal to segments of the public). Kartel one-upped Kenner, likening himself, instead, to Jesus (they both make miracles). The latest marvel from Kartel's new album Kingston Story is a ping-and-bass climb across memories of a fallen love—Mi remember your perfume girl/ Mi remember your lipstick. "It’s fun for me to watch people hate me, and it’s flattering to watch people love me,” Kartel said in The Times. “But 10 years from now the public is going to love somebody else." But this summer, "Mi Remember" may still make fine fodder for a Kartel-branded line of over the counter cosmetics. Get yours, Adidja Palmer!

Stream: Vybz Kartel, "Mi Remember"

Bonus! Stream: Vybz Kartel, "Jamaica"

Stream: Vybz Kartel, “Mi Remember”