Staff Affections: Number Six on Filson

Photographer Johnny Ridley
June 23, 2011

Every other Thursday, Stephanie Osei asks employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is for our column Staff Affections. This week, she caught up with London boutique Number Six about the Filson Tan Pullman Bag by Filson. She spoke with Mark Batista, founder of Number Six:

What features does a bag need to make it a travel essential, like the Filson Tan Pullman Bag? A bag like this should be easy to fit in the overhead locker of a plane and have a multitude of compartments. Overall robustness. But probably the most important feature, to me, is looking great and complimenting an outfit.

Number Six is known for pieces that are hard to find anywhere else. What is the common thread that you look for that allows you to make that selection? It's just if we truly like a product or garment, then we are enthusiastic about buying it for the store and actually look forward to showing it to our customers. We are safe in the knowledge that it is very unlikely that they are going to bump into someone else wearing the same thing.

Your online store features it's own blog. How has making your own editorial content influenced your brand? We just do our best to communicate a common message to our customers which reflects the influences of our buying and selections for the store.

Is there anyone, alive or dead, that best embodies what Number Six is all about? It's always close friends and family. They are the everyday inspirations for what goes on here at Number Six.

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Staff Affections
Staff Affections: Number Six on Filson