Watched Items: Beach Blankets

June 30, 2011

Every week, Amber Bravo chooses one thing to totally obsess over on eBay. This week she is getting really excited about laying out for hours on a nice weave.

Fourth of July. The official time to indulge in a long weekend of sitting around...NOT IN YOUR OFFICE CHAIR! But what to bring to the beach or park? Not a bad idea to invest in a beach blanket. Also not a bad idea to invest in a beach blanket that you may A. actually want to have lying around your house. B. that you can stow away in your tote bag for anytime lounging. Saddle blankets are ideal for the latter, but searching for vintage mexican rugs, chimayos, and saltillos can also yield good results. Have fun being free and brave.

red & green mexican blanket runner

orange and brown

Posted: June 30, 2011
Watched Items: Beach Blankets