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Canyons’ Mid-Week Mix for Modular Records, Our Thoughts About Some Guy Fighting in the Park

July 15, 2011

The FADER offices are right near Madison Square Park. And most days during the summer, we eat lunch in the grass out there. Next to the dog run, there's a semi-vast, dusty flatland of a field that isn't really used for anything. Lately, we've noticed a guy with no shirt on practicing fighting. We're not really sure how else to describe it. It might be a martial art? Maybe? It could be some sort of extreme kickboxing. All we know is that there's a guy with a goatee doing aggressive air-fighting at no one in the oppressive heat, kicking up dust while little kids look on. It is terrifying. Also it's funny sometimes too, but he could kill us in two seconds just by jabbing us in the neck, so. Canyons are an Australian duo that make music that would be pretty influenced by the dusty field if they ever actually saw it. It's dance music at heart, but it's warped, psychedelic and slow and disorienting in the way that baking in the sun during an endless summer can be. To celebrate the album that will eventually come out on Modular, Ryan Grieve, half of the group, put together a mix that evokes a very specific vibe. That vibe is not far off from the fighting dude, except not the part where we're worried about dying if we get to close. Mostly just the part where it's dusty.

Download: Canyons' Mid-Week Mix for Modular Records

Mtume - You, Me and He (It's non-functional)
Embryo - Mao in Afrique pt1
Kemet Crew - The Fruit
Ph-7 - The Power of Sound
Castle Beat - Today. Tonight. Forever (dub)
Koro Koro - No Smoke
The Bayara Citizens - Marfungo
Amin-peck - Girls On Me
Techno Scratch - Techno Scratch
Bang the Party - Bang Bang You're Mind
Canyons - With Love and Guns (Long-winded demo)
The Monks - Drugs In My Pocket
Jackson 5 - I Am Love
Canyons - Sun and Moon (Pitched Down Demo)

Canyons’ Mid-Week Mix for Modular Records, Our Thoughts About Some Guy Fighting in the Park