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Diplowatch 2011 #12: Is Diplo’s New DJ Mix Technology Cool?

July 20, 2011

Diplo is selling a new 40-minute mix, called Mad Legit, via a recently developed platform that allows DJs to circumvent the expensive, laborious process of clearing samples. The technology, called Legitmix, allows beatsmiths to legally hawk work containing copyrighted source music. Artists upload a mix to the site and tag its source songs, then fans pay to have the mix recreated on their own computer. If they've already got some or all of the source songs in their personal library, they don't have to pay for them. Or they can purchase them along with the mix. DJs earn commission on source music sold through their posts.

Using this model, you'll pay up to $17.46 for Mad Legit—some for Diplo's work as selector, plus the cost of the original songs—in this case, mostly remixes (like Rusko's take on 2pac’s "California Love"). Is Legitmix a viable model? Diplo, as a label manager, still has a vested interest in good, old-fashioned iTunes digital singles sales, and welcoming mainstream artists as supporters of his Mad Decent brand. Ultimately, is Legitmix a competitor to major digital stores like iTunes (or electronic music retailer Beatport), a great idea for an app, a smart niche service or something inevitably doomed to fall into the start up abyss?

Preview: Mad Legit

Diplowatch 2011 #12: Is Diplo’s New DJ Mix Technology Cool?