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P. Dukes’ Easy Money 3: Celebrations & Tribulations Mixtape

August 02, 2011

While adolescent party music and singularly belligerent trap music seem to be the eternally dominant strains of Atlanta rap, the quieter corners of the city's underground remain filled with a fair share of multifaceted and reserved rapper's rappers. Coming from roughly the same class of frequently underrated A-Town everymen like Playboy Tre and Bohagon, P. Dukes finally delivers the long delayed third installment of his Easy Money series. And deliver it does, with the College Park spitter dropping up densely penned accounts of everything from getting brain in the drop to paying down college loans with a T.I.-like efficiency. Guests include ST from G-Side, Playboy Tre, KD, and second-gen Dungeon Family member Blackowned C-Bone. Also the bezel and fireworks choices on the cover are downright hypnotizing.

Download: P. Duke's Easy Money 3: Celebrations & Tribulations mixtape

Posted: August 02, 2011
P. Dukes’ Easy Money 3: Celebrations & Tribulations Mixtape