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This Chris Brown Rap Mixtape

August 05, 2011

A) Good
B) Bad
C) Not too bad. But guess what, it is kind of a bummer that it's called Boy in Detention, like he is trying to flip his bad boy image (which he adopted after it was forced upon him by real life events) into something marketable. It's going to work too. Is this good because Chris Brown is good at rapping or because he got some really expensive sounding production? Hard to tell. Either way, he's definitely at ease not singing. Everything he says sounds cool, even if the words coming out of his mouth are pretty rote. Also there is a song produced by David Banner that features Justin Bieber rapping and Brown apologizing for double parking his Bugatti. (The answer is C).


Download: Chris Brown, Boy in Detention

This Chris Brown Rap Mixtape